Feminapause™ Menopause Supplement

Hemp Extract, Vitamin B12 & B6

Average 5-Star Verified Reviews

We have hundreds of Shopify verified 5 star reviews. Our ladies report improvements in: Hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, sleep, energy & mood

Family Run Business

Feminapause is a family-run business, who believe in top quality ingredients and manufacturing. Our aim is to help and guide women through the menopause. 

Manufactured in the UK

Hemp extract oils from China often contain heavy metals. Our natural menopause supplements are 3rd party lab certifiedCreated by women for women.


Vitamin B12 & B6 Fortified Organic Hemp Extract Oil

Various studies report the positive effects of Hemp Extract Oil, B6 & B12 to help alleviate menopause-related symptoms by targeting both the receptors in the brain to increase serotonin as well as targeting hormonal receptors to help alleviate a multitude of menopause symptoms

Our Story

I used to be a professional dancer which put a lot of strain on my knees and joints and I suffered daily with pain. When I started menopause the joint pain just got worse and I experienced anxiety for the first time in my life which was debilitating to say the least. My energy levels were low and day to day life felt like it was getting harder physically and emotionally. When I discovered hemp I was suspicious at first but I felt a huge difference after just a few weeks in reducing my hot sweats but also the pain which meant I could finally get a good nights sleep. The anxiety gradually lifted over a few weeks and I felt like my old self again!

Together with my daughter I created a supplement that is helping 1000's of women. We sourced the best oil possible and the best form (broad spectrum) and combined it with vital b vitamins which help with hormone regulation and fatigue. We're a small family-run business based in the Uk that strive to improve the lives of women who are going through a tough time naturally and ethically. We look forward to hearing your story!

Adele M. Wragg




  • Average 5-Star Shopify Verified Reviews

  • Natural Hemp Extract Oil 

  • Made in the UK

  • All Ingredients are Cruelty-Free