Feminapause Menopause Supplement

A supplement created by women for women - Natural Herbal Oils + B12 + b6

Feminapause™ wants to make a difference to women's lives across the UK. The journey began with three women, a mother and her two daughters, who together created a supplement that is supporting many women nationwide.

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A Supplement You Can Count On!

Menopause symptoms are very taxing and take a huge toll on the lives and relationships of thousands of women. HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) is often prescribed but has a lot of side effects such as headaches, nausea, indigestion & weight gain. At FeminaPause we created an innovative natural menopause supplement.

Where Can I Buy Feminapause

We're glad you found us. If you're looking for a natural all-round menopause supplement to help ease the most difficult of Symptoms then you're in the right place! We have added only the best ingredients (organic herbal oil plus B vitamins) and manufacture our product locally in the UK.

FeminaPause™ (developed by femgroup ltd) is a vitamin B12 & B6 fortified Herbal Menopause supplement developed by women for women. This herbal oil based supplement helps you through the menopause naturally.

Oils from China often contain heavy metals. Our natural menopause supplements are lab certified and don't contain any heavy metals.

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